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Search pages are still around. Expanding soon.
As always, the Nemesis Help Desk can be reached at 1300-63-63-74. Help Desk hours are 9am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday. Sunday the Help Desk will attend to enquiries subject to availability.

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National Dialup number - 0198-331-238.


About Nemesis

Nemesis is an Internet Service Provider. We offer complete and cost-effective solutions to businesses looking to use the Internet to implement more efficient ways to communicate between themselves, their customers and their suppliers; and to help them participate effectively in an increasingly global marketplace.
Whether you are an individual looking to be a part of the global community or a business looking for that competitive edge, Nemesis has an economical plan to suit your needs.

Members Only.
Usage stats, account information and other reviewable details can be accessed from the Members Only website soon!

Taking Too Long?
Let us know.   Nothing gets the web guy going quicker than public badgering. But try and be constructive and helpful - he is, after all, human. Send in your suggestions for inclusions on the search pages. He likes it when you guys out there do some of his work for him, as well.

Web Pages. Get 'em.
The web-heads here at Nemesis can make you a simple, smart-lookin', quick-loadin' page like the one you're looking at for reasonable rates. Ask us all about it.

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